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Find out if you could be getting more benefits today!


The Guidance You've Been Looking For

At Veterans Own we are passionate about taking care of our veterans and we are dedicated to providing a service that ensures each veteran we work with receives accurate exams with the care and great attention.

The Process



After submitting your online inquiry, one of our Veterans Own associates will call you directly to review your service connected disabilities. We will make a determination whether our service is the correct fit for your claim. If not, we will suggest other methods that may yield better results.



If you elect to use our service, we will schedule an appointment for you to speak with a medical provider. The medical provider will review your service-connected disabilities, perform the necessary exams, and complete your Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ).



We will return your completed DBQ(s) with helpful instructions in regards to filing your claim. You will need to submit your claim to the Veterans Affairs. The VA will review your claim and award you a higher disability rating if warranted.


Bonnie Salser and Veterans Owned was very easy to work with to have my VA disability claim evaluated and raised. From the first step through the increase being approved, everything was explained perfectly. Medical appointments were set and all paperwork was filled out appropriately using the correct language. Thank you Bonnie!


Thanks for submitting!

*By submitting your information, you agree to the terms of this website and authorize Veterans Own to call you, even if you are on the Do Not Call List.


Veterans Own LLC is affiliated with licensed medical providers. Providers within the group share a common goal, which is to help Veterans receive accurate exams and benefits.

Yes. Part of our mission is to help as many Veterans as possible obtain the benefits that they deserve. Please contact us for details.

No. The Veterans Affairs makes the ruling decision on all claims submitted. If your disabilities warrant an increase and your DBQ’s are completed correctly, you have a high probability of success. Veterans Own does not make any promises or guarantees.

Yes. Veterans Own, LLC is a licensed medical group. We do charge a fee, similar to fees charged by private healthcare providers. However, we do offer Veterans a FREE no-obligation consultation.

As a neutral third party, we are unable to provide direct guidance on the most appropriate path for Veterans to pursue following a claim denial. However, we do take pride in recommending credible, dependable external sources that can legally support Veterans through the VA appeal process.

Yes. Veterans Own can only assist with the Disability Benefit Questionnaire and medical evaluations. Veterans are required to submit their own claims. This can be done via a Veteran Service Organization, mailing your claim to the VA, or filing electronically on the eBenefits website.

Veterans Own is not affiliated with the Veterans Administration. Our company is comprised of independent licensed medical providers who understand disability documentation. VA appointed medical providers are contracted by the Veterans Administration.

No. If you have an open appeal, you must wait until a decision has been made on your claim.

Yes. We work with many accredited agents and attorneys. All Disability Benefit Questionnaires must be completed and signed by a licensed medical provider. Accredited agents and attorneys cannot give medical advice or sign DBQ’s.

You have the right to choose whatever licensed medical provider you would like. Our licensed medical providers know the VA disability claim process and understand how to complete Disability Benefits Questionnaires. Most primary care physicians do not have the knowledge to complete a DBQ correctly.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and Veterans Own makes no promises. Veterans Own staff does not provide medical advice. Any information discussed such as, but not limited to; likely chance of an increase, estimated benefit amounts, potential new ratings prior to a doctor reviewing patient’s file, is solely based on past client generalizations and not specific to any one patient. The doctor has the right to reject and/or refuse to complete a Veteran’s DBQ if he/she feels the Veteran is not being truthful. The Veteran’s Administration is the only one that can make a determination, in regards to whether or not a Veteran will receive an increase in their service-connected disabilities. 

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